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Recent experiences with both Ebola and SARS have made us all keenly aware that the world is not prepared for a global pandemic. While multiple commissions have pointed to the need for enhanced surveillance capacity and data sharing frameworks, progress has been slow and limited. On-going efforts to eliminate endemic diseases such as malaria are also highlighting just how critical data analytics are to their elimination agendas.

With new tools and capabilities emerging from the convergence of genomics, data science and data technology, cutting edge projects are now demonstrating the potential power of outbreak analytics to enhance epidemic intelligence. To harness these advances, we need to strategically align investment around a shared, long-term vision and common set of priorities.

In July, 2018, a group of experts came together with support from the Rockefeller Foundation to reimagine how to leverage the power of this new information age to step up progress over the next decade. Together, this group co-created a new approach:  PLATFORM i. Right now, PLATFORM i is a bold vision and movement to catalyze new action. We are seeking partners to build on and improve these ideas and to work with us to turn them into action. Please join us!

Please join us!
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